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Todays society is pushing for dads to play a greater role in their childs development, from early years right through to adulthood and though many men would love the opportunity to spend more time at home with the kids, they often find it's not possible.

In the UK the laws are changing around paternity leave and flexible working hours, however, many dads still find that attitudes from co-workers and employers remain biased towards the woman being at home.

This site will reveal our daddies stories in our blog section, give our daddies a place to discuss the trials and tribulations of being a 'stay at home' parent with other like minded dads and finally, will help our dads find that flexible employer that they dearly need!

So if your a dad who needs that extra bit of support, Or an employer who wants to share you flexible working ethos with our daddies, this site is just for you.

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