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If you would like a role that doesn’t judge you for your paper qualifications (or lack of!), a role that gives you the opportunity to use your personality, life-skills and determination to change the lives of vulnerable children then fostering could be for you!

Your time is precious, as is the security and support within your home. You could be the person who gives a child the opportunity to relax and enjoy their childhood, achieve their goals and lay the foundations for a successful adulthood. We’re not making it up; that really is what people, just like you, do!

There are lots of independent and council-run fostering services, so what should you look for when choosing which one to join?

Our advice is to look for a service that is registered with the independent charity ‘The Fostering Network’. Find services near to you, look at their websites, call them, visit them and make sure you feel comfortable with them whilst ensuring they will provide you with:

  • Comprehensive training and support, provided as locally to you as possible
  • An Ofsted rating of ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Good’
  • A regional office near to your home
  • A ‘buddy’ scheme whereby you’re linked with an existing, experienced foster carer during those first fostering months
  • An on-call service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • The opportunity to have a private and candid conversation with one or two of their existing foster carers
  • An annual respite allowance
  • Regular payment of a generous fee for you and payment for your foster child’s day to day care
  • Individual membership of FosterTalk


And if you’d like an insight into the world of fostering and other musings, read the Secret Foster Carer’s blog. It’s interesting, sometimes fun, sometimes sad but always thought-provoking!

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